Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I call it deadline paralysis

My work habits in regard to classes are shifting in a worrisome direction. When I'm faced with an impending due date or exam date, instead of just hunkering down and getting the assignment/studying/etc. done, I worry about said task to the point of inaction. I realize how totally inefficient this is, but I really can't help it.

I met with Provost Long today about proposed changes to the curriculum and semester course loads, and in conversation she told me that her calendar is managed completely by her secretary, who hands her a schedule each afternoon with all the places she needs to be present the next day. I think I should hire a secretary, too, to whom I will give my entire tax-free stipend check every two weeks if he/she will make a daily task list for me and organize my too-colorful Google calendar. Additional responsibilities include refusing to engage in any talk with me about the future beyond tomorrow and a willingness to make coffee runs. Inquire via email, though I will hire on-site if prospective employee will take my East Asian history exam tomorrow morning.


Julie said...

Hmm, I'd be great at the coffee runs, but I'd probably talk to you too much :) I'll be a back-up candidate!

Anonymous said...

move over Julie - i want the job!
I will MAKE the expresso and not waste time running out for it :)
i will have your calendar organized in no time . Only drawback - I CAN NOT take your exams .

love you ,

!!!$unu$!!! said...

can i take this one to my college magazine?????? it'll always Meghan's
"I call it deadline paralysis".... plzzzzzz.....

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