Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Floating schools and thoughts

It is just shy of five months to the day since I have written a blog post. My audience of about 2 has probably been disappointed to the point of no return, but that is not an excuse to not write anymore.

I came back to the blogosphere just now because I wanted to show this link to someone. I was in a state of mild panic yesterday while thinking about next year and what I'll do if I don't get into Teach For America when I found this website called Real Gap Experience. The company sponsors service trips abroad for various lengths of time that you pay to go on, in most cases, and the link above is to a program in Cambodia where you do a teaching project on a floating school near Angkor Wat. I don't know what it is about Cambodia, but ever since last semester I've had this little obsession in the corner of my brain with the country and its people. I can not explain it, and yes, I know it's weird. But the program sounds so cool.

Anyways, looking at the website reminded me of two things: one, that things are going to be okay next year, and two, that I am about to be set loose upon the world. It was a pretty liberating reminder.


Julie said...

I'm so happy you're writing on here again!! And I love that you're looking into Real Gap - did you see that my flatmate Sarah posted the link to me? We were talking about doing something similar! The really really real world... scary thought...

megaphone said...

That's where I saw the link!! I can't wait to hear about your flatmates and your travels and everything. The really really real world can wait until we have coffee at MW :)

PS: I am being asked to type the world 'cabmumi.' Maori (sp?), maybe? Eh?

Rainbow said...

My cousin had the same pull with Cambodia two years ago she finally went over and has started a school and a charity. She has never been happier. Follow your heart and thank you for sharing this.

mjshdiif said...

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